• FAQ 1: You receive the error "A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system".
    • This is a Windows system error (MMSYSERR_BADDEVICEID), it almost always occurs on a selected audio device that is not ready for use.
      Causes could be:
    • There's no connector plugged into the line-out/headphones or line-in socket, which disables the device until some connector is plugged in. Try and plug in some connectors in the in- and output and see what happens.
    • The device does not exist (anymore). Such as a recently unplugged USB audio device.
    • The driver failed.
    • The audio device doesn't have an input. Some audio devices have connectors that are configurable between out- and input. Configure one as input.
    • If this information didn't get it to work for you, please see FAQ 2 below.
  • FAQ 2: You can't get S2L to start a 'recording' from your audio device.
    • Please use an audio recording tool to test if a recording can be made.
      To confirm it is, or is not a fault in S2L, please use some (free) audio recording tool to test if a recording can be done.
    • One of the tools frequently used is the free editor Audacity: (external link) audacity.sourceforge.net
    • After installation, start it up. Select 'MME' as audio host (thus not Windows DirectSound or Wasapi), select the proper recording device and do a test recording.
    • If Audacity can record audio, and S2L stil don't work, it seems there is an error in S2L or another faulty device is selected in S2L.
    • If Audacity can not record audio, then the audio device or its driver is in a state it cannot record audio.
  • FAQ 3: Use your stereo-mix/wave out as a source for S2L (Record from stereo-mix/wave out). (Windows Vista / Windows 7 and newer)
    Unfortunately S2L doesn't provide such a feature by itself due to design reasons. Windows often does, its named 'Stereo-mix or Wave out recording'. Some work needs to be done to enable this feature:
    Note: If your soundcard has minijack in and outputs: for this to work something has to be connected to your soundcard. A dummy cable that goes to nothing should be okay. This applies to several devices, but might not be needed for some.
    • Select sound from the control panel.
    • Select the recording tab.
    • Right click on the background of the tab and choose "show disabled devices."
    • Right click on Wave Out Mix or stereo-mix and click enable.
    • Now it should work, allowing you to record any sound your computer makes.
    • When above fails, or does not show Wave out mix / stereo-mix: Try google using keywords wave out recording or stereo mix recording together with the name of your audio device. Or try update its driver.
    • Or: Connect a loopback cable (minijack -> minijack) Line-out->connected to line-in. If you need the line-out signal to go to some audio mixer device, split it using a Y cable, or even better: use an (aux or mon or second master) output from the mixer device and connect it back to the line-in. If your audio device doesn't have a line-in, then buy one that has.
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